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Due to the success of our truck and bus tyres, we have now launched our steel wheel that can be purchased separately or with a pre-fitted tyre using a tread pattern of your choice!

We know how important your safety is.


Thats why we have made it our life's ambition and priority to produce low budget tyres of high quality.

Let Torque Tyres get you and your family to your destination on time and safely. 


Our car tyres have been designed to out-perform premium brands whilst delivering a price that’s affordable to the modern motorist.

The Torque truck tyre range is suitable for mid to long distance, regional and urban roads.

Discover the  

        POWER oF Torque

Torque Tyres are manufactured within a state-of-the-art production facility, utilising the latest in tyre assembly technology. Innovative, world-class product design and testing, coupled with precise quality control systems, ensuring that the product continuously conforms to all current European legislation.

Why Choose us?

We stock a full range of car tyres, truck tyres and we have also launched our own truck wheel that can be supplied separately or with the tyre pre-fitted to suit your requirements.

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