Car Tyres

Our car tyres have been designed to out-perform premium brands whilst delivering a price that’s affordable to the modern motorist.

Tyres are manufactured within a state-of-the-art production facility utilising the latest in tyre assembly technology. Our car tyre range is suitable for mid to long distance, regional and urban roads.


Passenger Car Radial
Features and Benefits
  • Special tread compound

  • Continuous solid centre ribs

  • Improved groove and bead profile design

  • Optimised variable pitch tread design

  • Excellent grip on wet and dry roads

  • Improve directional stability, provides a more comfortable experience and prevents irregular wear

  • Better ride stability and handling performance

  • Superior comfort and quiet ride



Ultra High Performance Tyre
The UHP - TQ901 delivers excellent grip whatever the road conditions for your high performance vehicle.
Features and Benefits
  • Four wide circumferential grooves, Lateral grooves with fine sipes and continuous block pattern on shoulder

  • Variable pitch tread design

  • Jointless nylon band, Superior comfort and quiet ride

  • Rim protector, Protects wheels from curb damage

  • Provides efficient water evacuation, outstanding wet performance and enhanced stability at high speed cornering

  • Improved tread stiffness and uniformity and delivers high speed stability

  • Provides better performance on a wet surface and reduces rolling resistance