Light Commercial Standard Van

The TQ05 and TQ02 tyres deliver excellent grip whatever the road conditions for your light commercial vehicle.​​​​​​​

Features and Benefits


  • Reinforced structure composed of

  • two steel belts and full nylon protector.

  • Zig-zag vertical groove and open horizontal groove arrangement with sipes.

  • Special abrasion resistant tread compound. Variable pitch pattern.

  • Delivers extra puncture resistance and robust load bearing capacity.

  • Provides excellent wet and dry grip.

  • Provides enhanced mileage with reduced heat.

  • Superior comfort and quiet ride

  • Tyre Specification

    Tyre Size Tread Pattern Ply Rating Load Index Speed Rating Fuel Efficiency Class Wet Grip dB Wave
    155R13C TQ-05 8PR 90/88 Q E C 71dB 2
    165R13C TQ-05 8PR 94/92 R E C 71dB 2
    175R13C TQ-05 8PR 97/95 R E C 71dB 2
    175R14C TQ-05 8PR 99/98 R E C 71dB 2
    175/65R14C TQ-05 6PR 90/88 T E C 71dB 2
    205/65R15C TQ-05 6PR 102/100 T E C 72dB 2
    205/65R16C TQ-05 8PR 107/105 T E C 72dB 2
    235/65R16C TQ-05 8PR 115/113 T E C 72dB 2
    165/70R13LT TQ-05 6PR 88/86 S E C 71dB 2
    165/70R14C TQ-05 6PR 89/87 R E C 71dB 2
    175/70R14LT TQ-05 6PR 95/93 S E C 71dB 2
    195/70R15C TQ-05 8PR 104/102 R E C 72dB 2
    205/70R15C TQ-05 8PR 106/104 R E C 72dB 2
    215/70R15C TQ-05 8PR 109/107 R E C 72dB 2
    225/70R15C TQ-05 8PR 112/110 R E C 72dB 2
    185/75R16C TQ-05 8PR 104/102 R E C 72dB 2
    195/75R16C TQ-05 8PR 107/105 R E C 72dB 2
    215/75R16C TQ-05 10PR 116/114 R E C 72dB 2