The PCR - TQ020 has a proven track record for safety and reliability for your family car in conditions of the severest snow and ice.

Features and Benefits

  • Silica tread compound.

  • Large block tread design.

  • Zig-zag grooves and high density sipes arrangement.

  • Reinforced construction.

  • Provides better performance on wet surfaces and reduces rolling noise.

  • Enhanced traction and handling in snow conditions.

  • Improved grip performance from wet and frigid surfaces to snow and ice.

  • Delivers robust load bearing capacity and rugged durability.

  • Tyre Specification

    Tyre Size Tread Pattern Load Index Speed Rating Fuel Efficiency Class Wet Grip dB Wave
    225/45R17 TQ020 94 XL H E C 71dB 2
    195/50R15 TQ020 86 XL H E C 71dB 2
    185/55R15 TQ020 86 XL H E C 70dB 2
    195/55R15 TQ020 85 H E C 71dB 2
    195/55R16 TQ020 91 XL H E C 71dB 2
    205/55R16 TQ020 91 H E C 71dB 2
    215/55R16 TQ020 97 XL H E C 71dB 2
    185/60R14 TQ020 82 T E C 70dB 2
    185/60R15 TQ020 84 T E C 70dB 2
    195/60R15 TQ020 88 H E C 71dB 2
    205/60R16 TQ020 92 H E C 71dB 2
    215/60R16 TQ020 99 XL H E C 71dB 2
    175/65R14 TQ020 82 T E C 70dB 2
    185/65R14 TQ020 86 T E C 70dB 2
    185/65R15 TQ020 88 T E C 70dB 2
    195/65R15 TQ020 91 T E C 71dB 2
    205/65R15 TQ020 94 H E C 71dB 2
    165/70R13 TQ020 79 T E C 70dB 2
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