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All Terrain

The TQ-MT701 - the ultimate design in toughness, grip and reliability for your four wheel drive, off-road vehicles.

Features and Benefits


High-density sipes with silica compound.

Variable pitch pattern and optimised footprint design.

Solid centre ribs.

Jointless nylon band.

Delivers a smooth ride, lower noise and improved traction on dry and wet roads.

Superior comfort and quiet ride.

Provides steering stability and delivers a comfortable ride.

Improved tread stiffness and uniformity and delivers high-speed stability.

  • Tyre Specification

    Tyre Size Tread Pattern Ply Rating Load Index Speed Rating Fuel Efficiency Class Wet Grip db
    31X10.50R15LT TQ-MT701 6PR 109 Q      
    LT265/70R17 TQ-MT701 10PR 121/118 Q      
    LT235/75R15 TQ-MT701 6PR 104/101 Q      
    LT245/75R16 TQ-MT701 10PR 120/116 Q      
    LT265/75R16 TQ-MT701 10PR 123/120 Q      
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