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Winter TQWT701

Winter TQWT701

Winter Studdable

The PCR - TQWT701 - safe and reliable for your family car in conditions of the severest snow and ice.

Features and Benefits

Directional winter tread pattern.

Optimised tread sipe

Solid centre rib

Optimum allocation multi-random stud lines

Winter traction compound

Enhanced road contact and performance for snow and wet road conditions

Enhanced acceleration and braking under winter conditions

Improved handling when changing lanes and cornering

Improves traction performance on snow and ice and minimised stud noise

Silica-rich compound gives improved ice, snow and wet grip while maintaining performance in cold temperatures.

  • Tyre Specification

    Tyre Size Tread Pattern Ply Rating Load Index Speed Rating Product Code EAN Code Fuel Efficiency Class Wet Grip db
    LT275/65R18 TQ-WT701 10PR 123/120 S 300T7001 6953913194165 E E 73
    LT245/70R17 TQ-WT701 10PR 119/116 S 300T7002 6953913194172 E E 73
    LT265/70R17 TQ-WT701 10PR 121/118 S 300T7003 6953913194189 E E 73
    LT275/70R18 TQ-WT701 10PR 125/122 S 300T7004 6953913194196 E E 73
    LT235/75R15 TQ-WT701 6PR 104/101 R 300T7005 6953913194202 E E 73
    LT225/75R16 TQ-WT701 10PR 115/112 S 300T7006 6953913194219 E E 73
    LT245/75R16 TQ-WT701 10PR 120/116 S 300T7007 6953913194226 E E 73
    LT265/75R16 TQ-WT701 10PR 123/120 R 300T7008 6953913194233 E E 73
    LT245/75R17 TQ-WT701 10PR 121/118 S 300T7009 6953913194240 E E 73
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