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Light Commercial Winter Studdable Tyres

The WTQ6000 delivers excellent grip in adverse road conditions for your light commercial vehicle.

Features and Benefits


Silica tread compound. Large block tread design.

Zig-zag grooves and high density sipes arrangement.

Reinforced construction.

Provides better performance on wet surface and reduces rolling resistance.

Enhanced traction and handling in snow conditions.

Improves grip performance from wet and frigid surfaces to snow and ice.

Delivers robust load bearing capacity and rugged durability.

  • Tyre Specification

    Tyre Size Tread Pattern Ply Rating Load Index Speed Rating Product Code Fuel Efficiency Class Wet Grip db
    155R12C WTQ6000 8PR 88/86 Q 300T6003 E E 73
    165R13C WTQ6000 8PR 94/92 R 300T6004 E E 73
    175R14C WTQ6000 8PR 99/98 R 300T6005 E E 73
    185R14C WTQ6000 8PR 102/100 R 300T6006 E E 73
    185/75R16C WTQ6000 8PR 104/102 R 300T6007 E E 73
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